Shaping a Culture

Established in 1978, Markaz has been a name not just of an Islamic University, but of a culture that the Muslims Community in India seems to be representing over the past three decades. As the term ‘Markaz’ itself literally denotes, it has gradually grown to become a ‘centre’ of social, cultural progress as well as educational excellence for the entire communities in India as a whole and those of Muslims in particular.

Vision and Mission

Markaz envisions being a world-class platform for education and innovation, imparting a kind of knowledge that would enable its students to realize their true potential and develop their life long intellectual growth in the respective fields. It aims to nurture a generation of students with a strong sense of public responsibility, a pioneering spirit and a refreshing capacity for change.

Chancellor’s Message

Markaz enjoys its privilege of having established an International reputation for its efforts to help revive Islam’s educational and intellectual legacy and popularize…



We greatly takecare of the lives of our students and do much to ensure their multi-level growth- intellectual, spiritual and social. We try to offer them everything they need so as to develop their academic and non-academic realms of life. Among things that largely draws students all over India to Markaz; the advantage of morally enriched campus is most significant one. It set an environment where students can feel themselvesthe growth of their intellectual, spiritual, and social experiences. Being much aware of the technological advances in the field of learning and perceiving, we equip them lots of facilities in order to satisfy their quench for knowledge in varied forms. Moreover, we give opportunities to learn different part time courses and finishing courses at our sister institutes like IHRAM.

Snaps from Ruby Jubilee