Vision and Mission

The Vision

Markaz envisions being a world-class platform for education and innovation, imparting a kind of knowledge that would enable its students to realize their true potential and develop their life long intellectual growth in the respective fields. It aims to nurture a generation of students with a strong sense of public responsibility, a pioneering spirit and a refreshing capacity for change. As an Islamic University with difference, Markaz aims to preserve and expand the Islamic tradition of knowledge, making it more vibrant and accessible to a large number of students across the country and to restore the intellectual legacy of the religion, with relentless attempts to bridging the gap between the so-called main stream profane education and sacred Islamic wisdom in advanced and innovative ways. Jamia Markaz seeks to promote a culture based on value-oriented education, truly spiritual experiences, humanitarian and charitable endeavours meant to be beneficial for the entire humanity.

The Mission

Jamia Markaz is one of the pioneering Islamic universities in South Asia committed to enhancing the multi-dimensional intellectual growth of its community of students, the preservation and nurturing of Islamic knowledge tradition and championing the various causes of the whole communities living across India and that of Muslims in particular. It composes of five colleges of Islamic and Arabic studies with differences on its central focus, college of arts and science, college of Unani medical sciences, college of Law, institutes for industrial and technical studies, Institutes for Quran studies and memorization, institutes for activation of human creativity, Institutes for residential education for boys, girls and orphans and a big group of public schools. Educationally, we try to formulate a larger frame-work of knowledge, with a prime focus to bridging the gap between the mainstream secular education and sacred Islamic wisdom. Noting the paucity of active educational and social workers ready to do their best throughout India, Markaz dare to create and operate a wide net-work of educational and humanitarian endeavours across the nation. Hence, alongside the diverse educational activities, our mission appears to be much broader and comprehensive. It can be summarized in five major points as follows:


Generally: imparting the full meaning of education –

equipping the students with the kind of knowledge according to their preferences and with the skills that enable them to their own great potential, accelerate lifelong intellectual growth and actively participate in the human world.

Specifically: the integration of learning, living and Culture –

developing a whole person through a system of value oriented education, it nurtures the life-long intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth of each student enrolled in our Institutes across the country.

Islamically: the restoring of traditional Islamic knowledge, and its sensitive adaption with modern times, and moulding generation of Islamic scholars and leaders –

creating a spiritually inspired ambience, where the religious students can learn and make a critical and rigorous analysis of the classical Islamic texts, under the supervision of great scholars specialised in the field. They are taught to develop the essentially Islamic virtues of respect and tolerance of others in the newly emerging global contexts.

Nationally: the promotion of citizenship rooted in equality,development, co-existence and respect of others –

leading massive awareness campaigns across the country, it promotes the well-being of the whole societies, regardless of the their religion, caste, gender and colour. In the process, we treat the education to be at the forefront of their progress and try to avail to each of its growing students even at remote areas of the country.Housing projects, dress packages and availing sweet water to setting up primary and secondary education centres are at the core of our mission of development, which necessarily includes other kind of humanitarian and charitable endeavours, carrying them out from local areas to national level.

Internationally: the promotion of peaceful and consistent mutual understanding within and between nations –

conducting grand peace conferences and negotiations at every year, we support each effort of restoring peace and tolerance within and across international boundaries andstrongly condemn the extremist narratives constructed on the name of Islam. Holding the virtues of peaceful diplomatic relations, we dare to create a culture of international calmness through our conversations with Arab and other national leaders, diplomats and international NGOs, and peace- promotive educational processes at turbulent areas like Kashmir.