Student Organizations

The students union in the main campus of Markaz is known as Ihyaussunna, which means a team dedicated to resuscitation of prophetic tradition. Students who pursue their study at any of Markaz Islamic colleges come along the way of its various activities. Established in 1984 It aims to help students nurture their innate talents and potentials and bring them to a platform of interaction, exposure and exploration to unfamiliar intellectual realms,by formulating a number of branches under it, each aimed at different actions and initiatives. In effect, the union, Ihyaussunna becomes a room where students can share their distinctive notions, interact each other and expand their intellectual assets for the best days to come. During its 35 Years of existence, it could seemingly bring up a team of genius who can lead many vital roles in the community and confidently intervene in the Indian public sphere in many ways. In the regular intervals and some significant occasions, the team conducts various gatherings and programs that draws student’s attention to the most challenging issues and make them thoroughly convince of it.Ihyaussunna is committed to make its hundreds of membersactive players who canchampion varieties of causes of the entire society along with their academic discourses.

The groups to which the organization is categorized are as follows: