Spiritual life

As an Islamic University, wegive a prominent significance to the spiritual upbringing of its student. Because, we believe that the fundamental element in Islamic epistemological tradition is Adab that contains a set of meanings such as decency, morals, comportment and humaneness. It’s a profound sense that one feels in one’s own heart. In order to inculcate it into one’s heart, we believe it is necessary to set up a spiritual atmosphere where a conscious student can feel a kind of spirituality capable of altering his life thoroughly. Thus, here we conduct a number gathering at weekends and regular months, in which learned Islamic scholars share much about the lively spiritual traditions and lead the prayer ceremony. Getting closer to the almighty can help the student enrich his heart with some optimistic and powerful feelings and recover his mind form worldly hardships and its reckless wanderings.  By doing so, he can perform well at his academic studies and non- academic endeavours.

We allow students of other faiths to lead their prayers and rituals at respective areas set for them. However, it is not our way to compel those students to pursue Islamic life styles or dress codes or to attend at the prayer freedom. In brief, we are to provide complete religious freedom to the faithful community no matter whichever faith tradition they belong to.