With a thorough understanding of the contemporary epistemological challenges in the realm of secular academia and that of Islamic in particular, Markaz tries to firmly enroot its academic discourses within the ambit of Islamic philosophy of education.We believe that getting the young community to a system of true education can lead them to a proper way of upbringing that could help a well-balanced existence of the living world order. Because, the genuine form of knowledgebe it from any discipline would enable the learner to have gnosis of very being of the creator al Mighty, who is the fountain head of knowledge and ultimate end of all human pursuits.

The very form of the culture (Saqafath) that we incessantly try to shape epitomizing the infallible and illuminative example of Prophet Muhammad (SWA) is the one with its profound basis on Islamic philosophy of culture and civilization. More importantly, we try to revive the Islamic intellectual tradition that has been historically once flourished in great cities of Baghdad, Cordoba andDamascus, with some epistemologically significant measures to be carried out so as to reach out into its logical end in our time.