Our programmes

The programs that Jamia Markaz presently provides to colleges and institutes in order to be carried out at their campuses are Hadiya and Zahra. It can be applied by any institute and colleges committed to obeying the rules and regulations it insist on for carrying it out successfully at respective campuses. With this accreditation, Jamia Markaz aims to systematically expand its spectrum of education throughout the country and help a considerable amount of students shape their bright future according to the vision that Jamia Markaz envisages.Both these programs have proved themselves to be offering myriad outcomes in many ways.

Markaz Quran Study Center

4 Years | 150 Credits

This specialist stream of Computing focuses on Mathematics and Computer Science, and the development of computational and engineering models of complex cognitive and social behaviours.

What you study

Mathematics and Computer Science is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is also the name of the academic field of study which studies how to create computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behavior.

AI research is highly technical and specialized, and is deeply divided into subfields that often fail to communicate with each other. Some of the division is due to social and cultural factors: subfields have grown up around particular institutions and the work of individual researchers.


Modules shown are for the current academic year and are subject to change in the future.

Your choice of modules and projects available may, to some extent, be restricted by the schedule of lectures and the availability of staff. It may also vary according to the degree specialism chosen.