Kanthapuram visited the PrimeMinister Narendra Modi

Kanthapuram visited the PrimeMinister Narendra Modi

Representatives of All India Sunni Jam-e-yyathul Ulema (Sunni Scholars Association of India) which is the apex body of Sunni Muslim Scholars in the country,Islamic Educational Board of India, which runs as many as 20,000 Madrassas across India, Sunni Yuvajana Sangham (SYS) and Sunni Students Federation, two major Muslims youth and students organizations in South India and their national wings,Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya which renders commendable services in the field of education, employment and development since 37 years, operating many educational institutions all over India and abroad and Relief Charitable Foundation of India (RCFI), the charity and humanitarian initiative of Markaz, led by Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed Kanthapuram, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking consolatory measures from the government on serious issues faced by the Minority communities in India.

Health, education, unemployment, were some of the concerns that were brought into the attention of the Prime Minister and the delegation suggested to distribute the national resources with equality and develop long-term solutions by establishing either special funds and diverting enough money and allocations from the existing projects and programs to reach to the weaker community.

Sheikh Abubaker also brought the serious issue of under trial prisoners locked up in various jails across the country to the attention of the Prime minister and asked the government to restrain from this disturbing trend and appealed that the government should take immediate steps to fast track their trial processes and free those found innocent with ample compensation.

The unfair price hike in the air tickets and recurrent service breaks of the national Airlines, causing heavy losses of time and money to the expatriates, were also put in front of the Prime Minister with serious concerns.

Kanthapuram and the group of Muslim Scholars also requested the Prime minister and the Cabinet to make due consultative process with Islamic scholars and organizations, prior to any hasty decisions, pertaining to minority issues and policies.

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