DIWAN; Markaz announces centralized admin court

DIWAN; Markaz announces centralized admin court

Kozhikode: The Collective Office Complex for International and National Projects of Markazu Saquafathi Sunniyya has been announced. The admin court, named Diwan, will be built in memorial of Sayyid Abdul Qadir Ahdal Avelam, the first president of Markaz, and will be housed for about 100 different office departments.

Apart from all modern amenities, the four-storey building will have a conference hall, lobby, visitors gallery, important educational and cultural offices, and a production studio. Markaz Chancellor Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad, Kanthapuram and Markaz President Sayyid Ali Bafaqi led the nailing work of the complex, adjacent to Markaz central Masjid.

Built with a fusion of Arab-European architecture, the Diwan will encase various projects of Markaz, including education, philanthropy, cultural exchanges, international and national activities in it.

Markaz Vice President Sayyid Zainul Abidin Bafaqi served prayers for the ceremony. Markaz General Manager C. Muhammad Faizi delivered the introductory speech. Dr Muhammed Abdul Hakkim Kandi, Managing Director of Markaz Knowledge City, presented the Diwan project and Dr. Abdussalam Muhammad gave forth updates of Knowledge City. Dignitaries, guests, members of Markaz Excellency Club, Takaful project and Markaz Committee members Sayyid Sharafuddin Jamalulleili, Sayyid Abdul Fattah Avelam, Sayyid Mohammad Turab Saqafi, Sayyid Shihabuddin Ahdal Muttanur, A.P. Muhammad Musliyar Kanthapuram, K.K. Ahammad Kutty Musliyar, V.P.M. Faizi Villyapalli, Sayyid Swalih Shihab Kutchira, were present.

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