We are confident to say that Jamia Markaz is one of the greatest Islamic University in India having outreach at 21 states and 4 union territories. Not confined in a single area of education, we draw attention to fundamental needs of every human being regardless of their region, religion, caste or colour. In effect,  varieties of activity that we are actively engaged with include education, health care, food distribution, orphan care, sweet water project, dream homes, family care, livelihood and so on, everything that can make a difference at human living. Our missions traversing many areas of human existence reflect the great care that we provide for the entire humanity. We educate students living at under developed areas and remote villages, by setting up schools and sending our volunteers to serve them. These are things that make Markaz the greatest university in India with humanitarian concerns. It has many regional offices

Delhi Centre for Islamic Studies, Loni
U.P Gulshan–e-Fathima Technical Institute for Girls
NeoriaHussainpore, Philibit
Gujarat Markaz Public School & Madrassa, Gondal
Markaz Public School & Madrassa, Upleta
Markaz Public School, Chanchaval ,Bharuch
Markaz Public School, Karjan, Baroda
Karnataka Al Noor Education Centre, Mysore
Markaz Khaika Higher Education Centre, Bangalore
Centre for Islamic Studies, Hubly
Mumbai Markaz Centre, Dongri
Kolkata Markaz Centre
Assam Markaz Centre
Tripura Markaz Centre
Tamil Nadu Markaz Centre
Kashmir Markaz Centre

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