Allowing wright of freedom of a place for every sort of worship (ebadat) and spiritual education for a good citizen

We have already constructed more than 3000 Masjids in the different states of India. We also started Madrasas alongside of Masjids to have an everlasting solution for the spiritual and moral education. The most progressive result of this virtue is that we have paved a way to the Muslim community to go with an Islamic way of life, keeping his own faith well and rendering that of others as well.  Before we start activities, the situation of Masjids was too pity. There were a few Masjids built with mud and bamboos having no adequate facilities specially in north-eastern Indian states like west Bengal,Orissa,Assam etc.

Masjid Al Hamily: The Grand Masjid at Markaz Campus can accommodate approximately 5000 prayers at a time. As one of the first institutions of Markaz, Masjid al Hamily is functioning as a study hall and house for spiritual gatherings. Practical training in religious sermon is rendered from here. The facilities are greatly enjoyed by the local population other than Markaz employees and students.