Life at Markaz
Making them feel at home

We greatly takecare of the lives of our students and do much to ensure their multi-level growth- intellectual, spiritual and social. We try to offer them everything they need so as to develop their academic and non-academic realms of life. Among things that largely draws students all over India to Markaz; the advantage of morally enriched campus is most significant one. It set an environment where students can feel themselvesthe growth of their intellectual, spiritual, and social experiences. Being much aware of the technological advances in the field of learning and perceiving, we equip them lots of facilities in order to satisfy their quench for knowledge in varied forms. Moreover, we give opportunities to learn different part time courses and finishing courses at our sister institutes like IHRAM.

Committed to closely bring them to spiritual refreshment and social engagements, Markaz regularly conduct gatherings where they can directly experience themselves and watch the flourishing of avibrant community.Here, we havea large number of volunteers and equipment meant to resolve even the minute alteration visible in the lives of our student’s life.

A significant number of amenities such as library, convention hall, seminar hall and Masjid serve the students in one way or other.  They are immensely encouraged to take part or lead various cultural and communal programmes and humanitarian endeavours, both of which we conduct at many occasions in and out of the campus. Special members of staff and separate wings operating under the students organizations coordinate the activities concerning students.