Markaz makes its best attempts to promote international peace and coexistence through the culture of education that it shapes on the premises of moral and humanitarian ideals of Islam has been representing for centuries. It has a number of schools and international branches in the Middle East. Holding those ideals aloft, Markaz aims at reviving Islamic culture on the premises of sensitive negotiations with political leaders and rulers, which has been eclipsed by the overwhelming trends of Islamophobia created by some powerful lobbies.

We strongly condemn any attacks that saw the seeds of terror in the hearts of humanity and harm the lives of innocent people, causing Islam to be misunderstood and misinformed .In the process, We conduct international peace conferences, being one of them as an exclusive session of our convocation ceremonies, named after H.H. Sheikh ZayedAl Nahyan, who tried hard to bring a peaceful atmosphere , not just at his own country, but at the wider territories of Middle East at large, inviting many honourable dignitaries from different countries. In the jubilant course of RabeeulAwwal( third month of Hijri calendar, we organize international Meelad Summit, to celebrate the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad(SWA), and to disseminate prophetic messages of peace, tolerance, and co-existence and its relevance in these turbulent times, hosting a high delegation of Islamic scholars, diplomats, politicians and educationalists. Because, we believe that massive campaigns of awareness would help people understand the true messages of Islam and its stances towards overwhelming terrorism and communalism.

Our chancellor Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed lead the mission shared with many international Islamicscholars representing traditional path of Islam, like Sheikh UmerHafeed, Dr Ali Gumua, SheikhHabib Ali al Jifri. As a result,our educational, cultural and humanitarian endeavours have been recognized globally, winning the hearts of Arab leaders and diplomats from many countries.


Madrassathu Markazu Saqafa, Dubai.

Situted in Abuhail, Dubai,Madrasathu Markazu Ssaqafa serves as secondary school (Madrassa) for educating Muslim students the true knowledge of Islam and bringing them a value oriented culture. Presently over 800 students are studying here in different class 30 members of faculty to guide them. Delivered lectures in English, Malayalam, and Urdu media, it follows the curriculum of Islamic Educational Board of India (IEBI). The Madrassa provides academic and professional guidance to students and laboursliving in different parts of UAE, in order to pursue their career dreams.

Contact Us:

Markaz Cultural Centre
Abu Hail Road, Abubaker SideequeRoad, Dubai.
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Phone: 042973666

MahdulUloom English School, Jiddah, KSA.


Situated in Jeddah, KSA, Mahd Al UloomInternational School (MIS) started its functioning on 12th April 2009. Our school, founded under the aegis of IAME (Ideal Association for Minority Education) is proud of its association with this educational society which has already founded a number of schools and colleges and is in the process of raisingmore all over India for the promotion of high quality affordable education. MIS focuses on fostering the best in our students by providing them an amiable environment in which they are able to discover and realize their full potential with the view of empowering them to take their rightful place as responsible citizen and leaders in the global society of tomorrow.    Combined with excellent infrastructure available, competent guidance, visionary management andextremely competent team of teachers, MIS aims to provide the very best of education to all our students.

We have completed five years with various milestones and now we have growninto a school that has many excellent events to its credit. It is collectively achieved through the powerful intercession of our patron, the support of the management, commendable service of the staff members, constructive suggestion and constant encouragement from the parents, MIS has lost no time in carving a niche for itself among the best of the reputed schools in Jeddah. There are classes from Kindergarten to Secondary level at MIS and it will grow into Senior Secondary level in the ensuing years. The school follows the scheme of studiesprescribed by CBSE, Delhi, India.

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Mahd Al Uloom  International School, Jeddah
Tel :  02-689 32 33, Fax : 02-68938 33
Mobile 1: 0546870500
Mobile 2: 0550753600
E-Mail :