Markaz ZETA Academy

Markaz ZETA Academy is a leading institute in Kerala where the students are exposed to the alp of the knowledge and experience through the mode of integration of both the religious and secular education simultaneously. Our Institute is involved in the process of moulding a sublime wing of specialized Islamic professionals and educationists. The students of ZETA are being taught various subjects like Humanities, Commerce, Computer Science, Bio-science along with Islamic Studies like Quran , Fiqh, Hadees, Thasawuf, etc., by highly skilled faculties. One of the main features of this institute is having the best environment for the students to study and prepare for different competitive exams with the help of multi-faceted scholars and highly talented tutors.

ZETA pays special attention to the development of students’ communicative and interpersonal skills. Students will be provided with various study plans and motivational tasks as well as the individual focus throughout the course to ensure the quality and productivity of their academic and personal development.