Markaz Zaitun Valley

Markaz Zaitun Valley

Situated close to the main campus of Markaz, the College Zaitun Valley brings up an integrated academic program by which students can pursue their secondary and higher studies with better residential facilities. Reserved for male students who are free to choose the stream of their school education (i.e. cbse, Kerala State syllabus in Malayalam or English) we also offer a thorough madrassa education on par with the schooling.

Here at Zaitun Valley campus, we also introduce a program of Thahfeezul (Memorization of) Quran integrated with academic studies. Along with their academic learning, the students are to attend a number of spiritual gathering, moral classes and cultural events, all of which will positively influence their upbringing and maximise their potential in one way or other.


Who can apply?

Students who have scored good marks and are with outstanding performance in their upper primary standards.

Students who are able to pay their residential and tuition fee that amount to nearly 50000 for an academic year.