Markaz College of Secondary Islamic Sciences

“Getting best knowledge and experiences secondary Islamic learning.”

5 years/ 10 semesters.

The college has been established in 1996, with an aim to impart all possible elementary Islamic classical Knowledge to students who have successfully completed their SSLC and primary level education at local Madrassa system. Bringing junior students to an ambit where they can directly experience the flourishing of a knowledge tradition, the learning system offer our students great opportunities to meet the best minds in the field of Islamic Sciences.

What you study here?

Here, at this five years programme, they come to learn the elementary subjects of all branches of Islamic Sciences such as Arabic Morphology, linguistics, Jurisprudence, theology, history, logic, rhetoric and philosophy. Moreover, we provide opportunity to pursue graduate studies in secular sciences from different universities as per the interests of student. They can pursue their higher studies either at our central Sharia College (Muthawwal) or at different Colleges (Kulliyyath) with the accreditation of University of al Azhar, Cairo. In addition, the students get a number of special trainings and classes of subjects such as spoken English, psychology, all of which, we believe, can help them improve their understanding of today’s world and more importantly, give them best access to the subject matter and methods of delivery.

Name Sharia for Juniors
Course Duration 5 Years
Semesters 10( each lasting 5 academic months)
Language of Instruction Arabic
Seats available 30( for each years)
Location Karanthur
Admission Sha’ban(Hijri Month)
Contact Us

Telephone: 0495 2800427, 2800421
Fax: 0495 2801831