College of Theology (Kulliyyathul Al Azhariyya)

“Learning Islamic theology and its encounter with modern trends and ideological waves”

In 2007, as Markaz was privileged to have an equal status (Muadala) of the prestigious Jamiathul Azhar, Cairo, one of the most ancient universities in Islamic world, three colleges with difference at its core discipline came to be hosted at our campus. College of Islamic theology is the foremost one among them. It is basically a four years course, but students who have completed their secondary level of Mukhthasar studies at any one of authorised Islamic Institutes or Dars by prominent Muslim scholars are eligible to apply for two years course.

What you study ?

You will be here to learn the foundational basis and lineage of the monotheistic entity of Islam and those of its key knowledge traditions such as Jurisprudence, Hadith, and Quranic exegesis. Exploring the true way of Islam in the light of critical evidences, formulating a critical approach towards the major modern ideological trends and having a philosophical understanding of the epistemological basis of Islam are some of the major tasks our students are engaging with. With a well -structured curriculum, A Markaz education of Islamic theology involves key canonical texts such as Swahihayni,  Sharhul Mawaqif, Jamul Jawamiu, Ihya Uloomudheen, Thuhfathul Muhthaj, along with some important texts authored by Modern Islamic scholars representing Sunni Islam.

You shall gain the mastery over these canonical texts and capability to read and analyse the traditional canons with a critical mind by writing additional notes from them by the instructions of great Ustahds. Since your 3rd year of study, you have the chance to attend the lecture of Swahihul Bukhari led by our Chancellor Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed at each morning along with students of different bachelor degree programs in Muthawwal course. They are also offered intensive training in effective communication, Quran Recitation, Spoken English, Spiritual therapy, Counselling, Effective Dawa, Teaching techniques and social service, and a number of opportunities to be a part of our humanitarian activities throughout India. Our graduates, known as Saquafi al Azhari, seem to be actively working in esteemed positions in different parts of India and across the globe.


Name Kulliyyathul Azhariyya, Usuludheen
Course Duration 4 Years/2 Years(As per the choice of the student)
Semesters 8/4( each lasting 5 academic months)
Language of Instruction Arabic
Seats available 35
Location Karanthur
Admission Sha’ban(Hijri Month)


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