College of Post-Graduation in Islamic Sciences (Thaqassus)

Towards a rigorous Islamic scholarship

Established in…., Markaz college for Research (thakhassus) aims to bring up a group of young scholars being expert in the subject matter of major branches in Islamic knowledge tradition and having research oriented attitude towards each subjects. The course is particularly designed for students who have already completed their bachelor programme (extending at least 2 years) in any of the recognized colleges in regular basis.

What you study here?

The students get enrolled in Research program have immense opportunities to master in some major branches of Islamic knowledge such as Jurisprudence, Quranic exegesis and Theology. Here you have to attend the special classes of Thafseer (Quranic exegisis) being led by our Chancellor Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed, each of which revolve around major canons of thafseer literature including critical analysis of some of major issues inherent in Islamic theology. Moreover, you are to undergo intensive training in Arabic translation course. At the beginning of the programme, you are requested to choose an appropriate topic within the ambit of Islamic studies and comparative studies as per your interest, so as to pursue your research and write an academic thesis towards the end of the course. Prior to it, you attend some coaching classes pertain to research methodologies, as to how to choose a best topic according to your interest and develop thesis with academic standards.


Name of the course Kulliyyathu Thaqassus
Course Duration 1 year
Semester 2 semesters(each lasting 5 academic months)
Language of Instruction Arabic
Seats available 35
Curriculum as per Shafie Madhab
Location Karanthur, Calicut, Kerala.
Eligibility Bachelor Degree (of two years, obtained from a recognized Islamic college as a regular student)
Admission Sha’ban (Hijri Month)


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