College of Islamic Sharia (Muthawwal)

“Where Students meet the brightest minds in the field”

2 Years/4 Semesters

Established in 1982, Markaz college of Sharia is well committed to nurturing Islamic scholars and leaders with depth knowledge and insights in different branches of Islamic sciences and advanced forms of delivery. We provide our students the opportunity to learn, discuss and interact with the great minds well versed in traditional Islamic Scholarship and its modern forms of application in the society.

What you study ?

What attracts many students from different states of India and across the planet to Markaz is the fascinating lecture of Swahihul Bukhari lasting 2 hours at early morning delivered by the one who is regarded as its most trusted and authentic source in India-Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed, our beloved chancellor. The well-structured curriculum consists of canonical texts of Islamic Knowledge encompassing such different branches as Jurisprudence, Hadeeth, Quranic exegesis, Thasawuf, logic and rhetoric. All of them are taught in a traditional way of learning.  Along with them, we offer intensive training in effective communication, Quran Recitation, Spoken English, Spiritual therapy, Counselling, Effective Dawa, Teaching techniques and social services, and a number of opportunities to be a part of our humanitarian activities throughout India. Our graduates, known as Saqafis, seem to be serving the larger community across India and broad with an enlightened reputation.


Name Muthawwal
Course Duration 2 Years
Semesters 4 (each lasting 5 academic months)
Language of Instruction Arabic
Seats available 250
Location Karanthur
Admission Sha’ban(Hijri Month)


Contact Us

Telephone: 0495 2800427, 2800421
Fax: 0495 2801831