College of Islamic Sharia (Kulliyyathu Shareea)

” A true attempt to understand the fiqh of modern times ”

It is the second college in Jamia Markaz with the accreditation of the prestigious Jamiathul Azhar. As Islamic Law has been one of the few subjects in question, we are committed to nurturing a young generation of Islamic scholars capable of meeting newly emerging challenges concerning it and delivering the most valid ,appropriate fatwa to them according to Shafie school of law. It is basically a four years course, but students who have completed their secondary level of Mukhthasar studies at any one of authorised Islamic Institutes or Dars by prominent Muslim scholars are eligible to apply for two years course.

What you study here ?

You get immense opportunity to gain mastery over a number of such important subjects as laws of inheritance, comparative fiqh, and  fiqh of contemporary times among many others. In order to meet some modern challenges encountering Islamic Jurisprudence at large, you come to learn a curriculum combined with some significant classical canons of Fiqh and some texts authored by authentic Ulema living in this age after having critically analysed many of the present day problems. You also get a chance to openly interact and discuss on some burning issues related to Islamic law, with great Ulema well versed in this area, and besides detailed study of Fiqh, you are to learn a number of other subjects like Hadeeth, Quranic exegesis and Thasawwuf. Since your 3rd year of study, you have the blissful opportunity to attend at the Swahihul Bukhari lecture of our chancellor Sheikh Abubacker Ahmed along with students from our sister colleges. Moreover you also get many fair chances to undergo intensive training in effective communication, Quran Recitation, Spoken English, Spiritual therapy, Counselling, Effective Dawa, Teaching techniques and social service. You can be a part of our humanitarian activities throughout India in due courses. Our graduates, known as Saqafi al Azhari, seem to be actively working in esteemed posts in different parts of India and abroad.


Name of the course Kulliyya Shareea
Course Duration 4/2 years according to the choice of the student
Semester 8/4 semesters(each lasting 5 academic months)
Language of Instruction Arabic
Seats available 35
Location Karanthur, Calicut.
Admission Sha’ban(Hijri Month)


Contact Us

Telephone: 0495 2800427, 2800421
Fax: 0495 2801831