College of Arabic Language (Kulliyyathul Al Azhariyya)

“Delving deep to the sea of Arabic language”

It is the third college with the accreditation of prestigious Jamiathul Azhar particularly reserved for students following Hanafi School of law. The curriculum we designed meant to enable students to excel at classical and modern forms of Arabic language along with some important texts of Hanfi School.

What you study here?

You are to gain mastery over the Arabic language with special focus on its classical and modern variants and literary forms of articulation. You also study the Hanafi Fiqh in detail analysing a variety of its classical canons and recently written ones by erudite scholars like Ahmed Raza Khan al Barelvi. You are more likely to get many other favours like intensive training in effective communication, Quran Recitation, Spoken English, Spiritual therapy, Counselling, techniques Dawa, Teaching techniques and social service. Our graduates, known as Saqafi al Azhari, seem to be actively working in esteemed posts in different parts of India and abroad.


Name of the course Kulliyya Lughl Arabiyya
Course Duration 4/2 years according to the choice of the student
Semester 8/4 semesters(each lasting 5 academic months)
Language of Instruction Arabic
Seats available 35
Curriculum as per Hanafi Madhab
Location Karanthur, Calicut, Kerala
Admission Sha’ban (Hijri Month)


Contact Us

Telephone: 0495 2800427, 2800421
Fax: 0495 2801831