Emirates Home for Kashmiri Students

A distinctive venture of Markaz is the shelter home for orphan and poor students of Kashmir, which is often described as the valley of unrest by the media and the government. Children recognize their individuality only when they get a proper knowledge of themselves. Unfortunately, the families and students of Kashmir and other turbulent states lack this knowledge.  Emirates Home for Kashmiri Studentsopens its doors of fortification to approximately 200 children of Kashmir and other northern states, many of them orphans, who are victims of ignorance and lacking self-awareness. Their expenses including accommodation, food, education, medical and travel are completely borne by Markaz. These flowering youths are a regular presence in the spiritual gatherings and public programmes of Markaz.

Started in 2004, Kashmiri Home is definitely a unique service initiative of Markaz to children from the strife-torn Kashmir and side-lined states.  Markaz is Committed to impart them true sense of patriotism through right education and equips them for job oriented courses and better employment. They get mentoring that envisages a world of peace by displaying an exemplary model of compassion.  More importantly, Markaz shows them how to be a practicing Muslim and a responsible citizen by sharing lessons of Islamic values and social ethos. EHKS has an alumni of above 1000 who serve in different capacities in India and abroad. This inimitable initiative of Markaz was set up in collaboration with the Red Crescent Society of the United Arab Emirates.

Contact Tel.: 0495 6519 000, 9072 500 421.