The humanitarian activities that Jamia Markaz takes up across the nation are varied in nature. They range from facilitating educational facilities for students from underprivileged communities and remote areas, distributing foods and dresses, and providing health care. Through a large number of dedicated volunteers, we perform these tasks irrespective of the religion, casts, gender and other social hurdles that our beneficiaries may belong to. In the process, the team of Jamia Markaz help the nation achieve many of its fundamental goals and long- cherished achievements.


edu-supportPaying inevitable role to redefine the new generation in terms of ethics and morality, Markaz plans, implements, and coordinates several education services; develops educational programs that improve academic achievements, designs classes and tutoring programs for all ages. It recruits and trains volunteers and interns to support them with program activities; participates in resource development activities that result in a measurable positive educational outcomes for the whole community, and distributes edu-kit scholarships to promote higher education.

Orphan Care

orphan-careIt is estimated that 153 million children are orphans world over. In India it is about 20 million that is 4% of the total population. A major share of the community developmental work under Markaz goes for the welfare and rehabilitation of the orphans. The main objectives of this programme are ‘No Orphan without Education’ and to help change society’s mind set towards orphans. Through generous supports from people around the world, we take care 6500 orphans from different states, providing them wholesome care and protection that can be enjoyed from their own home. This facilitates them access to educational and other needs without going to the institutional orphanages.


health-care-programsThe change is happening fast in the world; more people are becoming vulnerable and prone to disasters or are forced to cope with acts of violence, financial crises and growing uncertainty, more often without adequate support even from their local authorities. Markaz, provide immediate relief and assists in the rehabilitation process of the affected communities in the aftermath of any calamity. We help communities build their capacity to better cope with and recover from disasters.

Drinking water

drinking-waterIn India, many villages are getting into struggle by the shortage of drinking water. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that presently 97 million Indians lack access to safe water. Every year thousands of borewells and open wells are being installed in rural and urban areas to tackle the issue and to make the life of poor and needy of the country better. People from more than eighteen states are the beneficiaries of this project. So far 4179 drinking water projects have been commissioned in various states. There are thousands of public water projects implemented in various remote areas of the nation and thousands of families being its beneficiaries.

Food Distribution

food-distributionMarkaz rigorously focus to support poors in their primary needs of life especially for the provision of food. India ranks 94th out of 119 countries in the Global Hunger Index. While per capita income in India has more than tripled in the past two decades, the minimum dietary intake has reduced during the same period. The government is doing its best to make the situation better. But those plans, for one reason or the other has failed to assure food to each Indian. In this context, Monthly and occasional food distribution by Markaz volunteers are reaching out the very needy population in many states. Every year, thousands of food kits are being distributed among the needy over the country and also supported with other basic needs of life.

Dress Distribution

dress-distritutionIn India, hundreds of thousands people strive for a piece of cloth to wrap their private parts and to escape from the severe torments of nature. Even the governmental system fails to tackle the woes.Markazhas taken this opportunity as a challenge towards creating a better solution for this noble cause. Thousands have been escaped from the brink of death with the timely interferences of Markaz in distributing winter clothes, blankets and even normal dresses. More than 70,000 dress kits for kids in different parts of India were distributed in past years as a part of Dress One Million project of HH. Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai.


housing-projectRCFI has started Housing project with a goal to serve homeless with a decent home. Two major activities are undertaking through this project. First one is ‘Dream Home’ program where the poor families those owned a land by their own, are supported to build low cost houses in their owned land. Another one is, the ‘Dream Valley, program which aims to support the landless, homeless families for their basic shelter needs. The project envisages “State sans Shelter-less”, where every family can live with a decent home of their own. In order to fulfil this great mission, a pilot project containing a housing cluster of 10 and another 15 individual houses have been successfully completed so far.


Markaz believes that teaching fishing is one of the ideal tools for equipping someone with a job for daily bread rather than giving fish for them. Thus, it guides the unemployed and unwaged and provides self-employment mechanisms, giving shape for their dreams of shops, machineries. Since its introduction onwards, hundreds of families have become able to attain self-sufficiency through the schemas of this organization. For Livelihood of people,Markazcould initiate many tailoring and vocational training centres for the women, computer centres, and provide free rickshaws and many other income generating programmes etc.

Special Care

special-care-programSpecial care is major arena where Markaz is dealing with aimed to protect and ensure the rights of physically challenged children and disabled persons across the country. The services provided them are in the form of distributing weal chair, hearing aids, medical camps and equipment etc. Apart from this monthly financial aid also be given to the most deserving candidates on special request. Ultimately, we try to come out of their barriers and let them come to the main stream of the society by these supports.